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Vortragsreihe: Krise und Wirtschaftsregierung (April bis Juli 2016)

Die Vortragsreihe ‚Krise und Wirtschaftsregierung: Perspektiven der Rechts-, Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften‘ untersucht veränderte Formen und Episteme des Wirtschaftens aus der Perspektive der Rechts-, Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften und verbindet Fragen der Strukturierung und Organisation mit Fragen der Deutung und diskursiven Konstitution. Sie dient der Vorstellung von aktuellen Arbeiten in der Viadrina-Öffentlichkeit und der themenbezogenen Vernetzung an der Viadrina sowie mit KollegInnen an anderen deutschen Universitäten und internationalen Partnern. Sie wird von dem Projekt ‚Reconfigurations‘ zusammen mit dem Frankfurter Institut für Transformationsstudien veranstaltet. Konzept: Amelie Kutter

Kutter, A. (2014) A catalytic moment: the Greek crisis in the German financial press

The Greek crisis has attracted more public-political attention than any other sovereign debt crisis within the European Union. This article investigates the argument that this is due to the symbolic-catalytic role that the Greek crisis played in forging a specific approach to state rescue and the reform of th.e European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). Drawing on assumptions of narrative political studies and Critical Discourse Analysis, the study shows how this approach was ‘catalyzed’ by a specific construction of the ‘Greek case’ in editorials of the financial press.

Forschungsprojekt: Another legitimation crisis (2013-2014)

The Eurozone crisis and its management called into question the EU’s decision-making capacity and cast doubt on its responsiveness and accountability towards various groups’ and members’ demands. It also ruined the prospects for catch-up that poorer members of the European Union linked to membership and severely damaged the EU’s rationale of cohesion. The project investigates discursive struggles over the adequate management of the Eurozone crisis with regard to how they address the project of developmental catch-up and, thereby, redefine the centre and periphery. It is directed by Amelie Kutter at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder).

Forschungsprojekt: A cultural political economy of crisis and crisis management (2010-2013)

This trans-disciplinary research project focuses on the complex and multi-faceted economic crisis that became evident in 2007 and explores it through to 2011. Different literatures and methodologies are used: corpus linguistics and critical discourse analysis; actor-centred institutional analysis of varieties of capitalism and their place in the world market; studies of governance and governmentality; and studies on the EU’s open method of coordination as sources of insight into global crisis-management. Amelie Kutter is co-investigator on this project, which is directed by Bob Jessop at Lancaster University.