Research network ‘Peripheralities’

The research network ‘Peripheralities’ that has grown out of the Marie-Curie project ‘Reconfigurations’ brings together researchers that investigate peripheries, peripherisation and peripheral subjectivities in a transdisciplinary fashion. Participants combine conceptual and analytical perspectives on peripheries from sociology, human geography, discourse studies, postcolonial studies, political economy and economic history. They meet regularly on conferences and online network meetings and currently work on a joint publication. The research network is linked to the Peripheries group at Viadrina Institute for European Studies and the Viadrina Center of B/Orders in Motion.


2021-22: Master class ‘A crisis of the border region’. Narratives of crisis and crisis management in the Viadrina border region during the pandemic’

2021-05: Online network meeting on publication plans, hosted by Viadrina Institut for European Studies

2019-09: Panel on peripherality and the construction of socio-spatial hiearchies at DiscourseNet Congress in Paris

2019-06: Mini-Symposium on periperisation at CES annual conference in Madrid

2018-09: Authors’ workshop on the construction of peripheral subjects  at Collegium Polonicum in Slubice

2017-11: Conference on European peripheries at Viadrina Institute for European Studies

If you do research on peripheralities and are interested in joining the network please get in contact at kutter [at]