Peripheriality: authors’ workshop

The past decades have brought an increase in spatially connoted disparities and inequalities both within and between European societies, intertwined with changes within the European Union (EU) and the global constellation. The workshop ‘Peripheriality: constructing socio-spatial hierarchies within and beyond Europe’, which is hosted by the project ‘Reconfigurations’, discusses contributions that investigate the construction of centrality and peripheriality or of central and peripheral Selves in discourses and practices of policy makers and social groups. While we consider the macro-regional (EU) and global political and economic setting of such constructions, the major interest is in revealing how certain regions and spatially situated social groups are rendered central or peripheral through regimes of knowledge and strategies of self- and other-positioning. Inspiration is drawn from bodies of theory such as Empire, postcolonial or world systems theory and applications in interdisciplinary discourse studies, cultural geography and interpretive sociology or interpretive political economy. The workshop takes place on September 20th-21st, 2018 at the joint Polish-German research facility Collegium Polonicum in Słubice.

Speakers include: Galvão Debelle dos Santos (Barcelona), Mona Lou Günnewig (Berlin), Babur Hussain (Bengaluru), Danijela Majstorović (Banja Luka), Elizabeth Mariam (New Delhi), Gerardo Costabile Nicoletta (Castellabate), Maria Giulia Pezzi (L’Aquila), Gabriella Punziano (Naples), Ngai-Ling Sum (Lancaster), Zoran Vučkovac (Giessen) and members of the IFES Peripheries group.

Contact: Dr Amelie Kutter