At regular intervals, I give lectures and seminars (MA level) on the following topics, in either German or English: European integration; social inequality and transnational social citizenship; multiple crises and crisis management; media discourse and transnational political communication, social-political change in selected EU countries. In these classes, we consider approaches of political science, sociology, discourse studies, or political economy.

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Supervision of MA dissertations

I am happy to supervise MA dissertations in German or English in the following fields of study: European integration, international relations, political economy, transnational communication and discourse studies.

If you are interested in working with me as a first supervisor, please make sure that, while studying at Viadrina, you attend one of my classes and write a term paper afterwards. I also advise you to attend the research colloquium of the professor whom you select as your co-supervisor. Moreover, I reccomend you to attend lunch lessons and office hourse of the Writing Center of the university where you can settle questions regarding, for instance, research design, research questions, or proper referenceing of academic literature. I suggest we have a first meeting to exchange initial ideas on your possible topic, supervision arrangements and a rough time schedule. If you are satisfied with my supervision, I will ask you to submit a research proposal. We will discuss it in at least one follow-up meeting. Once the topic and approach are settled, I expect you to work independently, but I will be available in case you encounter difficulties.

For guidelines and hints regarding the writing of term papers and MA dissertations please visit Prof Timm Beichelt’s homepage.