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Analysing crisis discourses: theories and strategies

Talk given by Amelie Kutter at the 7th CADAAD conference
Since the financial crisis emerged in 2007, many projects and publications have been launched that discourse-analyse representations of crisis and crisis management in communications by various groups and organisations. This research has generated insights in recurrent features of crisis discourse, such as blame games, claims for extraordinary authority, or trends of normalisation. Crisis itself, however, is usually taken for granted and rarely subjected to theoretical consideration. The present paper suggests that theories of crisis that borrow from Marxist thought help to gain an understanding of crisis as a catalyst of social change and to conceptually focus analyses of crisis and its discursive construction.

Kutter, A. (2018) Corpus analysis

The boost of digitisation, automated text processing and so-called Big Data have all enhanced the spread and popularity of computer-aided statistical analysis of large samples of digital texts: corpus analysis. This contribution gives an overview of corpus analysis so that entering the field and navigating field-specific controversies become easier.

Discourse Analysis

Contribution by Amelie Kutter to a round table discussion on approaches to discourse research at the workshop ‘Liberal Rights for Illiberal Purposes? Comparing Discursive Strategies of…

Disentangling crisis discourse

Workshop convened by Amelie Kutter and Johnny Unger at Lancaster University, 11th July 2012. Abstract: “When Osborne launched his scorched earth policies two years ago, it…