Curriculum Vitae

[en:]Amelie Kutter is senior lecturer and researcher at the European Studies unit at European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). She teaches EU politics and discourse analysis. In her research, she investigates relations of power brought about by European integration, combining political science, political sociology, political economy and discourse studies. Recent research and publication projects include ‘Crisis Discourse Blog (CriDis)’, ‘Reconfiguration of centre and periphery in the European Union after crisis’ and the research network ‘Peripherality’.

Amelie Kutter has widely published on crisis and politicisation (e.g., Construction of the Eurozone crisis: re- and depoliticising European economic integration, Journal of European Integration, 2020,42(5)), political legitimation in postnational settings (e.g., Legitimation in the European Union: a discourse- and field-theoretical view, Palgrave 2020), discursive political studies as well as digital methods of textual analysis (e.g., Researching institutions after the discursive turn, The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research Design, 2021; Corpus analysis: an explorative technique, Handbook of Language and Politics, 2018).

She holds a PhD in political studies supervised at European University Viadrina and Lancaster University and graduated from Free University Berlin and Technical University Dresden in political science and Slavic studies. At the moment, she is speaker of the ‘Discourse Studies Network‘ at the German Political Science Association (DVWP) and of the ‘Peripheries group‘ at the Viadrina Institute of European Studies. She also contributes to activities that explore the drawing of social boundaries at the Viadrina Center B/Orders in Motion.

Professional experience

Since late 2013: Senior lecturer and researcher at the European Studies Unit, Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder).

2010-2013: Researcher, Project- and Team Coordinator at the Department of Sociology, Lancaster University.

2007-2010: Researcher, Project- and Team Coordinator at the Centre of European integration, Otto Suhr-Institute of Political Sciences, Free University Berlin.

2006-2007: Research Fellow at CERI/Sciences Po, Paris and the Institute of Advanced Studies, Lancaster University.

2004-2006: PhD Student and Teaching Associate within the frames of the ‘European Fellows’ programme at  European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder).

2002-2003: Project Coordinator and Assistant Professor at the Chair of International Relations, Institute of Political Science, Technical University Dresden.