Book panel ‘Legitimation in the European Union’ with Amelie Kutter, Vivien Schmidt and Nicolas Hubé

Viadrina Institute of European Studies (IFES) cordially invites you to participate in the discussion on Amelie Kutter’s book Legitimation in the European Union. A Discourse- and Field-Theoretical View (Palgrave 2020).

Amelie Kutter (IFES / Euroean University Viadrina) will introduce the volume and Vivien Schmidt (Boston University) and Nicolas Hubé (University of Lorraine), who both worked and published extensively on the EU’s legitmation, will then review the book from their perspectives and lay the ground for the audience’s discussion, facilitated by Timm Beichelt (IFES / European University Viadrina).
In the book, Amelie Kutter looks at practices of legitimation that emerge in the setting of an increasingly contested polity of the European Union. She proposes an original perspective that combines discourse studies, constructionist sociology and political science.

The research seminar took place on Tuesday, 15 December, 6.15-7.45 pm, via Zoom.