ValEUs. Jean Monnet Netzwerk für Forschung und Lehre zur Umstrittenheit der EU-Außenpolitik

The project “ValEUs. Research & Education Network on Contestations to EU Foreign Policy”, led by the European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, aims to address the current challenges facing the European Union (EU) and explore potential counter-strategies. Dr Amelie Kutter is part of the Viadrina researchers team and co-directs, together with Dr Kolja Lindner at University Paris-8, the 1st ValEUs workshop ‚Critical Perspectives on European Values‘, University Paris-8, 20-21 June.

The network  has secured 1.2 million euros in funding from the EU Commission as part of a Jean Monnet Policy Network (JMPN) for a three-year period starting from January 2024. This ambitious venture, involving 20 partner institutions from 17 countries across five continents, focuses on scrutinizing the foreign policy of the European Union and the challenges posed to its values.

The European Union, committed to upholding values such as human dignity, freedom, equality, and solidarity, faces unprecedented challenges in implementing its foreign policy mission globally. Despite expectations of global acceptance of the EU values in post-Iron Curtain reality, the rise of illiberal governments, conflicts like the Yugoslav Wars and Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, and the reluctance of major international powers to condemn violations of international law have all contributed to a reevaluation of the EU’s effectiveness in fostering peace.

Challenges within Europe, including rising inequalities, populist movements, and struggles in policy areas like migration, climate, and energy, further complicate the EU’s efforts. The “ValEUs” network aims to provide a realistic account of EU foreign policy, develop alternative policy agendas, and identify counterstrategies to future contestations. Moreover, it seeks to redefine the role of universities as globally responsible, socially invested, and democratic actors. For more details see: