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Windrad-Gondel im Hof des Neue Energien Forum Feldheim

Seminarserie: Wie geht nachhaltige Transformation?

Seit einigen Jahren richtet die Europäische Union ihre Investitions- und Kohäsionspolitik verstärkt an Nachhaltigkeitszielen aus. Auch die Bundesregierung und die Brandenburgische Landesregierung forcieren Klimaneutralität. Wie aber gestaltet sich nachhaltige Transformation lokal und welche Relevanz haben diese Nachhaltigkeitspolitiken aus einer bottom-up Perspektive? Das thematisiert die Seminarserie ‚Wie geht klimaneutrale Transformation? Europäische Nachhaltigkeitspolitik und lokale Change-Maker in Brandenburg‘, die Amelie Kutter konzipiert hat und an der Viadrina durchführt.

Authors‘ workshop on the special issue ‚Covid-19 crisis discourse‘ of the Crisis Discourse Blog

This call invites blog posts that investigate phenomena of recent crisis debate from a discourse-analytical angle. The call addresses discourse scholars and students of discourse studies, who currently research discourses of the Covid-19 pandemic and related aspects of multiple crisis and who specialise in a specific discourse approach. We invite researchers to share initial or consolidated insights of their ongoing work with the specialist community and the wider audience, preparing blog posts for the Crisis Discourse Blog.

Podium: Boundaries of social citizenship in EUrope

Recent crises have revealed that access to social rights, such as social security, short time work, housing, or health care is essential for the resilience of economies to external shocks, but also for sustaining social cohesion, trust and belonging in European societies. Prof. Dr. Dagmar Schiek (University College Cork); Dr. Alexandre de le Court (Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona); Dr. Norbert Cyrus (Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION) and Dr. Amelie Kutter discuss problems of transnational social citizenship highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, in the frames of the Research Factory B/ORDERS IN MOTION on 8 Dec, 2020.

ECPR 2020 General Conference: Advancing field analysis in European integration studies

Contributions in this panel consider how field analysis can be advanced as a research programme in European integration studies. Panellists include Didier Bigo (Sciences Po Paris), Niilo Kauppi (University of Helsinki), discussant), Amelie Kutter (European University Viadrina, chair), Tomas Martilla (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Christian Schmidt-Wellenburg (University of Potsdam, co-chair).