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Kutter, A. (2020) Construction of the Eurozone crisis: re- and depoliticising European economic integration

The Eurozone crisis is among recent developments that upset the European Union (EU) most profoundly and sparked unprecedented contestation. This article adopts a discursive notion of politicisation and the frame of Discursive Political Studies to investigate whether that moment of contestation re-politicised EU economic governance in substantive terms. It argues that, while emerging counter-narratives of crisis projected alternative scenarios of economic integration and established a practice of constructive EU critique, they were co-opted by the dominant mass-mediated story of a public debt crisis.

Mobilising for alternatives to EU austerity: SYRIZA’s narrative of the European financial and economic crisis

Vortrag von Amelie Kutter und Gesine Lenkewitz auf der 7. CADAAD Konferenz
The Eurozone crisis brought about a new form of party political opposition in Europe that is deeply critical of the current institutional setting of the EU and the EU’s approach to crisis management while, at the same time, generally supporting the European project. This paper investigates discourse practices employed by such ‘euroalternativist opposition’ (Fitzgibbon 2013), drawing on the example of statements (press releases, speeches and interviews) on EU crisis management addressed to international audiences by SYRIZA between the years 2009-2014.

Analysing crisis discourses: theories and strategies

Vortrag von Amelie Kutter auf der 7. CADAAD Konferenz
Since the financial crisis emerged in 2007, many projects and publications have been launched that discourse-analyse representations of crisis and crisis management in communications by various groups and organisations. This research has generated insights in recurrent features of crisis discourse, such as blame games, claims for extraordinary authority, or trends of normalisation. Crisis itself, however, is usually taken for granted and rarely subjected to theoretical consideration. The present paper suggests that theories of crisis that borrow from Marxist thought help to gain an understanding of crisis as a catalyst of social change and to conceptually focus analyses of crisis and its discursive construction.

Vortragsreihe: Krise und Wirtschaftsregierung (April bis Juli 2016)

Die Vortragsreihe ‚Krise und Wirtschaftsregierung: Perspektiven der Rechts-, Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften‘ untersucht veränderte Formen und Episteme des Wirtschaftens aus der Perspektive der Rechts-, Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften und verbindet Fragen der Strukturierung und Organisation mit Fragen der Deutung und diskursiven Konstitution. Sie dient der Vorstellung von aktuellen Arbeiten in der Viadrina-Öffentlichkeit und der themenbezogenen Vernetzung an der Viadrina sowie mit KollegInnen an anderen deutschen Universitäten und internationalen Partnern. Sie wird von dem Projekt ‚Reconfigurations‘ zusammen mit dem Frankfurter Institut für Transformationsstudien veranstaltet. Konzept: Amelie Kutter